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I must confess I am very delighted to see a ten-year dream come true today. About 11 years ago when I was a student I saw for the first time the functioning of the German Boxer Club in Dortmund and I wished I could launch such activities in Bulgaria.

Boxer club logoSo, the Bulgarian Boxer Club was established in 1999 in Varna owing to the efforts of a small group of boxer lovers and thanks to the initial support given by the President of the German Club and ATIBOX, Mr. Guenter Karg, who was so kind as to send us their rules for breeding, trials, shows and ATIBOX procedures so that we could implement them in our work.

The club is still very young with a few enthusiasts as members organized in three regional groups. It has been a member of the Bulgarian Kennel Association since 2000 and regularly takes part in its national and international shows subject to FCI rules and regulations.2003 it had its first ever Specialty Show judged by Dr. Milos Lucic, Secretary General of ATIBOX.

The club’s original goals are to establish a community of boxer owners in Bulgaria and let them see other dimensions of communicating with their pets – sporting, working, training. Time showed that we had other tasks to cope with like getting pure-bred dogs to start a breeding programme in compliance with the breed standards, educating people, lovers of the boxer, to conform to and maintain these standards.

Having a boxer is a lifelong adventure and we are all indebted to our pets for their love, devotion and understanding. I firmly believe that we owe them our efforts to promote and maintain this precious breed.

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