40. Annual Munich Boxer Club specialized show
15 -16 Sep, 2006, Thalheim

It was an excellently organized show remarkable for the number of participants - 290 announced Boxer, in addition still 6 groups of breeds and 3 groups of offspring, mean a new record since the exhibition prohibition for cropped dogs in Germany.

As usual, not all participants entered in the catalogue turned up and took part in the contest. Nevertheless 261 Boxer thought of in the rings, 59 yellow males 69 brindle males, 63 yellow bitches and 70 brindle bitches. The overall impression was of high quality in colours and sexes alike.

Photos with the winners...


One point, which must be located further in the focus of the breeder's considerations, is the rear part with all his possible errors, weak angulations and muscles. The Boxer is working breed and he needs perfect anatomy as well as trained muscles, allowing him to fulfill his duties.

Our thanks go to the group of Zschepkau with its many aids for an organization and a presentation all around succeeded yearlywinner-breed-look. Writer inside and ring aids in all four rings were very well trained, thus a smooth and punctual operational sequence was at any time ensured. The weather followed these optimal conditions and gave us on both days sun and not to hot temperatures.

And the winners in this year’s championship are:



Fawn males

Edgar v. Rotenmoor, 227133
(Julian v. Okeler Forst – Ayscha v. Rotenmoor)
Z.: H. Tamke/D, Bes.: S. Riemann/D

Brindle males

Astur v. d. Martinshöhe, 227089
(Rudy dell` Alfiere – Carisma v. D. Wolfskirch)
Z. + Bes.: M. Schulze/D

Fawn bitches

Qualiti v. d. Akazienbrücke, 227632
(Qrare v. Eurozone – Nova v. d. Akazienbrücke)
Z. : B. Bebber/D, Bes.: F. Jaenicke/D

Brindle bitches

Electra v. Haus Galactic, 227875
(Bruce-Lee v. d. Chatos – Nene v. Okeler Forst)
Z.: T. Blank/D,  Bes.: K. Wintergrün/D


2007 Winners

Club Champions


Fawn males

Red-Bull v. Maximilian, 223668, VPG 1, AD
(Pavarotti Nostrum – Messalina v. Maximilian)
Z.: H.-J. Kleine/D, Bes.: D. Heinze/D

Brindle males

Pieric v. Bärenland, 222450, VPG 1, AD
(Perico du Val d`Europe – Nana v. Bärenland)
Z. + Bes.: Dr. P. Birovljev/D

Fawn bitches

Reebana v. German Dream, 225445, VPG 1, AD
(Posseidon di Noi Vincere – Irish-Coffee v. Fausto)
Z.: G. Köpsel-Wagner/D, Bes.: U. + W. Fiechter/D

Brindle bitches

Dolce-Vita v. Hause Rehberg, 225165, VPG 1, AD
(Kismet v. German Dream – Nice v. Hause Romeo)
Z.: H. Schädel/D, Bes.: S. Schmidt/D
Runner-up for Clubchampion males Pieric v. Bärenland
Runner-up for Clubchampion bitches Dolce-Vita v. Hause Rehberg

Runner-up for Junior Clubchampion males

Nicos v. d. Burg Signidunum, JR 76680
(Nico del Celi Aperti – Fila v. Zogobox)
Z. + Bes.: Z. Curcic/Serbien
Runner-up for Junior Clubchampion bitches Electra v. Haus Galactic


Pieric v. Bärenland


Parts of this info material are translated from a memo published at the website of the German Boxer Club-Muenchen.